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In tea drinks, milk drinks, fruit drinks and even water bottles are great to play healthy, nutrition, beauty, beauty and other features the slogan on the resort to refreshing, refreshing, drink supplement traditional function of greater or lesser degree of energy impact. The functional beverage in the edge of the drink, should be further refined in future market, with consumers seeking their own unique and valuable position.

 These herbal tea market was rapidly birth, in 2009 the development of still faster growth rate still exceeds 30%, a great catch up with foreign cola drink trend. Huge cake derived from a large number of market-seeking brand. Only now appearing on the market of the South had no less than 10 kinds of herbal tea, in addition to the market caused by the earlier visit and, Wong Lo Kat brands, the Want Want man, Yu Ren Tang, Baoqing Tong, Gan four flavors, and their are jumping in, and the emergence of ginger herbal tea, herbal tea and other new varieties of Pueraria. Traditional herbal tea beverage in 2009 led the retro trend in the beverage family, stands out unique.

 From this perspective, in 2009 the Chinese beverage market segments can be described as flourishing, surging undercurrent, beverages war one trouble another, they are eager to slice this piece of gold on the ground.

 China's beverage market in 2009 there are two phenomena can be described as "fun" should be concern to the industry.

 First, frequency of the beverage industry "Gate" incident. June 3, 2009, the media broke the news that the 2008 Master Kong "water gate" incident, another farmer spring bottled water companies plotted, thus beginning the drinking water industry "Gate" incident. Then, Red Bull was the local media was detected in a number of products containing cocaine, although the Red Bull again to clarify the Mainland of China products do not contain cocaine, but consumers still cautious Red Bull have a greater negative impact on performance. Last year in November, "arsenic" incident is shaken to the beverage industry, Haikou City, the Bureau of Quality Supervision, consumer goods prompt release: including the spring 30% of the mixed fruit and vegetable farmers, farmer spring water soluble C100 grapefruit juice, peach and more uniform juice drink brands, including nine kinds of food exceeded the total arsenic or sulfur dioxide, can not eat. Soon changed to the Bureau of Haikou City, said the farmer Spring, harmonization are "no problem." From this series of "gates" can be seen that the existing disorder beverage industry is more competitive, the management system of the beverage industry has yet to be standardized , otherwise it will hinder the industry's long-term development.

 Second, the beverage industry to introduce risk investment funds, blowing "M Style" to obtain financial assurance for large-scale expansion. July 2009, the food co-finance the 6.1 billion dollar stake in Magnolia Mengniu Dairy, China's food industry to create the largest trading case, a powerful combination of the sample. The delicious and Huiyuan This case called the largest food industry in China, consuming more than six months of acquisition Huiyuan, the final though aborted, but also to the beverage industry in 2009 coated with a splendid touch to. And following the joint in the food Magnolia Mengniu shares after the private equity stake in a wave of investment in China's dairy industry once again blowing in our dairy products. September 2009, Carlyle co-investment and acquisition of Shanghai Fuxing famous Ashley infants 23.3% stake in the dairy business, accounting for Ashley after injection of 17.3% and 6% of the shares, ranked second and third largest shareholder. Sequoia Capital China also has shares American Dairy. Can be seen, beverage companies want to market using the capital recovery and development of wind power investment, realize economies of scale and industry chain extended enterprise, with all capital and enterprises into the soft drink industry's future development will be accelerated.

 China's beverage market in 2009 people full of endless reverie. Although at one time by the financial crisis, the impact of economic slowdown, first half of the beverage market demand appears weak, in that raw material prices by the new Employment Law and other factors, resulting in beverage production costs, the impact of the beverage industry, but with the well-off society in China and urbanization, in-depth, social catering industry and the people's income has increased annually, as well as national 4 trillion to stimulate domestic demand and stimulate consumption good policy, the beverage industry in China in 2009 out of a bottom up, gradually inverted "V"-type growth curve, the sale of our beverage products are continuously developing population, per capita beverage consumption keep up the momentum, the total social demand remains sustained growth.

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Beverage Review 2009 Outlook 2010 (on) 2

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This article was published on 2010/09/17