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Like clothing and music as popular mashups, mashup drinks are also now become a new fashion.

In the radius of the market research found that "mashups" drinks everywhere, shelves in the supermarket beverage area area Juice + Representatives Mengniu Dairy mashup fruit yogurt, vegetable juice and fresh milk, Wahaha nutritional composition is the fast lane, Seoul tea cool beer, it is a mixture of Beer Flavored tea drinks, as well as extension of the license is fresh mash taste salt soda water and other beverages.

Listed in the new beverage, "mashup" type accounts for two percent share, of which there are some big names. Wahaha launched at one go this year as pineapple coconut juice, fruit juice drinks compound Shan Lihong 4 Mashup beverages, has been focused Carbonated beverages The Coca-Cola also introduced a sprite with green tea mix and match the "Sprite Ice + tea flavor" soda, other beverages giant Huiyuan Into the carbonated beverage market has announced its intention to introduce a fruit juice concentrate instead of caffeine, phosphoric acid and synthetic pigments music mash fruit juice products.

Present, this will be two or more things that had not detached, drink mix and match the trend of mixing synthetic growing. The radius of view, "mashups" Drink While thunder is fierce, but the market is not optimistic because "mashups," have entered the Red Sea beverage competition, industry leading companies such as Master Kong , Unity, Huiyuan, also are involved have, very competitive, "mashups" of the future must be further broken down the market, reflect the brand premium. Liming Li believes that the emergence of drink mix and match the fierce market competition, product, consumer spending diversity of tastes, consumption patterns of diversity, to the beverage industry provides ample market space. But follow suit, product homogeneity, and consequently Drinks Need to upgrade the system configuration, policy first.

Seize the market from the start consumer demand

Some people say Beverage market No theme, the protagonist is only one, that is the consumer. Demand for consumer brands to grasp the key to success always.

Recent years, as consumers seek healthy attitude, so as to taste of the carbonated beverage market known for shrinking, and juice drinks, tea drinks have the rise of a great tendency to catch up with carbonated drinks. As the beverage market - Global Brand Network - and changes in consumer demand, composite of drinks also were born, with consumers seeking fresh attitude variability and quite out of step, thus making room for colorful beverage market .

A radius of 20 to 30 years old for young people in the survey, there Nearly sixty percent of young people interested in drink mix and match, the six adults in the hope of young people there almost Jiucheng drink drink both fresh and healthy. Therefore, in the radius of view, fashion is the main beverage consumption of young people 20-30 years of age, only a deep understanding of their needs, will ultimately pay to attract them.

Such as Wahaha's new blueberry iced tea, iced tea drinks in the red this is particularly preferred to add the bourgeoisie blueberry juice, not only made more tasty and refreshing iced tea, but also a high nutritional value, very much in line 80, 90, in particular the needs of female consumers taste.

In addition, consumer taste preferences vary widely, in order to attract young consumers, we should pay attention to the ever-changing tastes, a single taste of the drink, can only attract a specific crowd, even if the same consumers in different situations and different lifestyles demand on the different beverages, beverage mix and match a variety of tastes, the consumer side the wider. For example, the "ice + tea flavor" of Sprite on the popular young people.

In product research and development, apart from increasing the innovative elements, but also pay attention to nutrition. To a farmer family of products, for example, Nongfuguoyuan, soluble C100, have highlighted the nutritional characteristics. The new push fashion Nongfushangquan drink?? Soda tea TOT, also a cross-drinks, soda and tea will be unique combination of products both smooth cool refreshing soda drinking pleasure, but also the health of rich natural characteristics of black tea.
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Drinks Also Mix And Match Strategies Need To First Upgrade Drinks - Drinks, Management,

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