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Why go to the nearest coffee shop or restaurant, if you can enjoy your favorite drink in your own home? Tassimo direct, a product from Bosch, easily provides you with this comfort and convenience, as it proudly shows off its illustrious design, with technology packed in this small unit which could easily blend into your own kitchen. Tassimo direct has been described as a "silent worker", as you would not even know that this little gadget is inside your house. Just press the button once and within seconds, you can smell your favorite drink, telling you that it is now ready for your drinking pleasure and consumption!

Tassimo direct is even capable of producing different beverages, not just only one or two. Most importantly, as compared to all other home-brewing systems, tassimo direct makes sure that you enjoy each drink as the last one, meaning, that each drink it brews tastes the same as the one previously prepared by this appliance. Tassimo direct makes this possible by using T-disks, which assures taste consistency by using the same measurements every time it is being used. Each disk already bears the exact measurement of the beverage of your choice and has a bar code which is scanned by this little kitchen gadget. Once the machine reads the bar code from each T-disk, it prepares the beverage immediately. That way, the beverage it produces tastes exactly the same as the previous beverage it made. Each drink brewed by this contraption is just right for your consumption, thus there would be no left-overs. Just in case you want another drink, just press the button again and in an instant, your beverage is ready and waiting, just like the first one!

Tassimo Direct

However, you also need not worry on cleaning and maintenance, since you can just discard the used T-disc. Cleaning is not even a problem, since it will only be taking around five minutes of your time in a month.

Imagine brewing your own Starbucks beverage within the comforts of your own home. The T-disk used by tassimo direct is capable of doing this as it possesses the measurements needed in preparing this beverage. The only negative thing about it is the availability of purchasing T-disks of some beverages which have proven to be hard to find. If this problem is not resolved, tassimo direct can see itself losing customers to other rival home-brewing systems.

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Tassimo Direct Review

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This article was published on 2011/01/10