Yoli - A Stand-Up Company With Futuristic Products "Blastcaps"

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It's all in the name...Yoli means "to live" in Aztec. The Yoli #1 mission is to changes lives. If you've never participated in network marketing before, then count your blessings. Yoli will be one of your greatest success stories. If you are a seasoned network marketer, you've found the holy grail. For those who wince at the thought of network marketing....you need to stand up and take a serious look at what is going on with Yoli and it's technology. Yoli is a beverage. However, it's a technology company before it's a beverage company. Although the beverages are 100% healthy and delicious, the reason why we will all be able to readily consume natural formulations with live, active ingredients is because of the technology.

Here's the tech 411...they're called blastcaps. Just pop it into the top of your bottle, blast the contents into your water, shake and enjoy. Incredible technology and the cap is biodegradable. What's in the cap? Bar none beverage nutrition. Yoli founders wanted to produce a healthy alternative to all of the "super" juices, energy drinks, sport drinks, vitamin waters and functional beverages. What they came up with was delivery system that would keep all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes intact for the consumer. How? When nutrition is taken at the peak of ripeness, and freeze dried into a powder it locks in all the potential of the food. Waa la... that's what's in the cap...100% nutrition.

Yoli is the reason why other beverage makers will be shaking in their boots. The beverage industry has historically focused on how to extend the shelf life of their products. The less waste and bacterial growth in their lines means more money in their pockets. The toxic culprits that make us sick include fake or artificial sweeteners, fillers, binders, artificial colors and flavoring, preservatives, caffeine or harmful stimulants, and the list goes on and on. To add insult to injury about 99% of them are hot filled or pasteurized. Which kills anything good they may have "claimed" to put in them.

Yoli uses 100% natural ingredients and sweetens with Stevia, a plant. Their patented blastcaps will dominate the beverage industry and their future products are also something to be passionate about. There will be a wide array of blasts to choose from, even baby bottle blasts. All with live, active enzymes and ingredients...nothing on the market can compete with a blast!

Yoli is a company created by top distributors for distributors. These successful men have skin in the game by self funding Yoli. They know they have the sizzle and the steak....the ultimate 'WOW' product that is beautifully demonstrable. When people see what your blasting, they're going to want to know what it is and how they can get it too. People like to drink their health. Yoli has brought the real deal to the bottle...for your body.

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Yoli - A Stand-Up Company With Futuristic Products "Blastcaps"

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This article was published on 2010/03/29